Prospecting the academic grounds on global energies patterns



  • Petropolitique, G.Fontaine
  • The rise of the new oil order, Paul Michael Wihbey
  • The scramble for African Oil, Douglas A. Yates
  • Oil supply disruptions in the 1980s, Karim Pakravan
  • Oil Producing Countries and Oil Companies, Alain Beltran
  • A comparative History of National Oil Companies, Alain Beltran


  • L’énergie, à quel prix? Les marchés de l’énergie. Amic, Darmois, Favennec
  • Geopolitique de l’énergie, Favennec


  • Oil and the dollar: a two-way game, Agnès Benassy Quéré and Valérie Mignon.



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