Prospecting the academic grounds on global energies patterns

Politics: the strange case of Dr Cheney and Mr Ben Laden

While reading this book I came to realize that the political strategy of the US in terms of energy policies was officially set before 9/11 [which is perceived as a turning point in US foreign policy with the Middle East, Saudi Arabia and the growing dependency of the US on those foreign historical allies]…why?

Because the Cheney report known as “Energy Task Force” and briefly described on its wikipedia page was released by May 2001… somehow officially announcing the subsequent Irak invasion well before the 9/11 attacks.

Some opinions by Arjun Makhijani1 about it at that time acknowledge the limits of the plan. Would this report be just a facade masking the actual decisions made by the Bush government?

It was only “An hollow report, devoid of real solutions to address the country’s dependence vis-à-vis its main oil suppliers.” would say Arthur Lepic at this link (in french)


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