Prospecting the academic grounds on global energies patterns

Mali: The lines

I’ll take my chances at the risk of appearing to view any step in the lights of the struggle for energy.
It is probably simply the interpretation of Iraq American intervention which makes us stick this frame on the current situation in Mali or previously in oil-rich Libya. (France standing as the interventionist State)
But it is rather strange that France shows suddenly concerns for a very poor and unfamiliar African country, it was necessary to check if it has any hydrocarbons resources; it could have helped (beside French profound concern for human rights in Africa) to explain our burning interest in those lands.

Not really a lot of available information. The world data bank depicts a rather small country in terms of population (twice the size of Switzerland) but 40 times poorer (approximate GNP of 10 billion versus 400 billion for Switzerland).

More interesting is the recent prospect for oil by Algerian Sonatrach (which may have maintained friendly ties with France…) in his southern neighbor. An exploration making progress according to this link.

Update of the 16/01

I might not have passed that far from the actual stakes of this conflict. The “islamists” attacked a BP platform in Algeria as reported by Les echos.


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