Prospecting the academic grounds on global energies patterns

Politics: the strange case of Dr Cheney and Mr Ben Laden

While reading this book I came to realize that the political strategy of the US in terms of energy policies was officially set before 9/11 [which is perceived as a … Continue reading

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Mali: The lines

I’ll take my chances at the risk of appearing to view any step in the lights of the struggle for energy. It is probably simply the interpretation of Iraq American … Continue reading

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The Big Oil

As quoted on the page The Seven Sisters the weights of energy companies in our Western hydrocarbon-based economies is far from negligible. Following the price surge of the early 2000s … Continue reading

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“The new Seven Sisters: oil and gas giants dwarf western rivals”- A brillant analysis by Carola Hoyos

The new Seven Sisters: oil and gas giants dwarf western rivals By Carola Hoyos When an angry Enrico Mattei coined the phrase “the seven sisters” to describe the Anglo-Saxon companies … Continue reading

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Spain versus France: Could the energy factor be decisive for economic steady growth and stability?

In the article “Oil policies in  20th-century Spain” from ‘A comparative history of National Oil companies‘, Gabriel Tortella tries to analyze the relationship between economic development and resources, quoting some … Continue reading

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ExxonMobil Makes $41 Billion, But Pays Estimated 17.6% Tax Rate

ExxonMobil Makes $41 Billion, But Pays Estimated 17.6% Tax Rate By Rebecca Leber on Jan 31, 2012 ExxonMobil had the largest profits of the Big Five oil companies in 2011, … Continue reading

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Olivier Rech sur les liens entre dépendance énergétique et récession économique en Europe et aux Etats-Unis

Context: fin 2012, les Etats Unis sont annoncés comme (de nouveau) producteur de pétrole.  Suite à la politique mise en place par Washington visant à réduire la dépendance énergétique vis-à-vis … Continue reading

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Path dependence

This conception inspired by the work of economic historians, particularly those interested in technological trajectories (such as David 1985; Arthur 1989; North 1990) describes how certain technologies – for idiosyncratic … Continue reading

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Why are the weakest European countries the most dependent on energy imports?

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Moby Dick

Is there any connection between a ferocious white whale and petroleum? This  film documentary ( might explain the historical link. It describes the context in which Herman Melville imagined the … Continue reading

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